Working Outline and Notes for the Manifesto in Progress for the Uptown Dallas Art Collective

By Candace Elizabeth Brooks (a.k.a. Ariadne Phoenix Levinson), Uptown Dallas Art Collective Editor in Chief

Opinions shared by the major thinkers about









How Beethoven Synthesizes these ideas


Beethoven Intro first



Sections which contrast

His major viewpoints with those of the major thinkers


Then conclude with missionstatement.




(Paragraph 2) What is the implicit argument here about Art, truth, and life?



Is the implicit argument here that Art is reality because reality is both an interpretation and an artifice?


But Also that art is truth because it is what it IS and it also interprets and defines its conditions and the conditions that define it?




Why/how is truth love and love Justice?


God is a creative artist, a creative consciousness which defends that truth is love and love is justice (reality is justice? Fairness? Equity? Freedom? Therefore the dominion of Art is to give voice to the ideas and the ideals that demonstrate:


?to be imperfect and unequal (I don’t know what this means here). The purpose of Art is to defend love, brotherhood, to uphold individualism, collectivism, virtue, and glory, and to combat the forces of cowardice, idelness, and falsehood. (I don’t know why I quoted this..)


3) Talk about the beginning of time…what assumption I have about the identity of God, talk about Beethoven’s 9th symphony, first movement explanation.


4) Locke citation.


Unique and multifarious?


Individual and variegated? Multiplicitous?




5) And early in youth, such as with Count Waldstein


6) Also it would be cool to interpret Beethoven’s outbursts in a way that draws further attention to the philosophic, political ntention of the expression he is making.


6) Purposeful irony in the OR


10) Beethoven IS composing music




6) political message, philosophic message he is making.



11) and if it was lead poisoning that cause Beethoven’s deafness, it is interesting that to my memory Beethoven did not ever go without wine…I talked with Patrick about it….But I was basing my conversation on the fact that even when Beethoven was dying he seemed to still be requesting more wine.


And then pose the argument that if he didn’t go w/out wine until the very end it is BC Beethoven would have not been known as Bacchus or Dionysos, to whom he refers all the time…and Bach whose name was Water…he would not be able to spell his name differently than or superior to Bach if it was learned that Beethoven went without wine to aver tdeafness (for this purpose) (I HAVE TO RESEARCH AGAIN TO BE SURE, BUT I HAVE AT LEAST 80% CERTITUTDE THAT BEETHOVEN DID NOT STOP DRINKING WINE)



13) *Judged, but for the way he lived his life


14) Pre-eminent definition Talk ABOUT BEETHOVEN’S UNIQUE SOCIAL CLASS




15) *LIKE STEVE JOBS Include STEVE JOBS in the discussion


more musical analysis described by the symphony (the musically groundbreakingness of the song is that it is a song that interrupts a symphony for the first time ever, possibly)


*But what I introduce for the first time is the idea that the interruption of Beethoven’s prayer which (Jenny says) becomes incorporated into the prayer also becomes the resolution of the Quartet and the deifning future of his characteristic style


(But also I didn’t say the music was exactly saying one thing or another, I just compared it to his life.


23) Berlioz programme music NAPOLEON AND BEETHOVEN




25) ALSO THE ODE TO JOY seems to refer to fraternité of the French Revolution


26) Who was Coriolanus?


Tragic Hero? Of Rome?


What is the story of Apollo?


I think Minerva is like Athena.


Who is Isis?


Beethoven’s influence on the other major thinkers mentioned.


How did Beethoven influence the thinkers after him?


27) Even in the face of possible ridicule.




Try to read the Book, “Beethoven in German Politics”




30) How do these bodies go to work?


32) Because Jesus did not leave behind his own writings.





36) But also it seems to me that Nietzsche is paying attention to the effect of the idea of hierarchy which includes the idea that perspectives dominate the dissemination (OF WHAT?_


Try to read the book, “Beethoven in German Politics”




30) How do these bodies go to work?


32) Bc Jesus didn’t leave behind his own writings.


36) But also it seems that Nietzsche is pay8ng attention to the effects of the idea of hierarchy which includes the idea that certain perspectives dominate the dissemination of and description of truth.


50) But he demoralizes these fictions.


51) Explain this