Children’s Book Project for Uptown Dallas Art Collective by Candace Elizabeth Brooks (a.k.a. Ariadne Phoenix Levinson)


“The Virgin Mary Buys a Car”

Absent from this video are the last two pages: where the Virgin Mary drives away in her brand new car, and the final page.

“Joan of Arc Throws a Secret Surprise Potluck Dinner Birthday Party for Aphrodite”

“Aphrodite Writes a Letter to the Virgin Mary”

I believe this video is complete except the final page, the page containing the closing of the letter, and also the page containing the second question that Aphrodite intended to ask.

“Princess Mulan Does Court-Ordered Community Service”

“Cleopatra Becomes a Mermaid”

This children’s book is missing the page where Cleopatra jumps in after the whales the first time, and tries to catch up with them, but fails to.

“Queen Elizabeth Designs a Skyscraper”

Missing from this Children’s book is the original version of the cover page in which I drew Queen Elizabeth’s skin to be actually flesh-toned.

“Queen Elizabeth Goes to Terrell State Hospital”

I am not sure if pages 6, 7, and 8, appear here in the same order that they were drawn.